If you are looking for gay men around Adana, you are on the right blog. Continue reading to find out what we do to promote our gay dating app around Adana

While it’s been a some time since I haven’t composed a blog about Adana gay dating blog. Here is the new thing I’ll recommend…

As you most likely are aware, I have expounded on istanbul gay daing in one of my past blogs. Also, I have discussed the things I have been doing about advancing the catchphrase Istanbul gay sohbet by creating somehow unque content and substance on various web platforms and on many socail media channels like WordPress Pinterest Tumblr and so on… On the off chance, if you like to see what other things we’ve done for istanbul gay sohbet catchphrase you can check the blog by clicking here

In this blog, I want to inform you about what we to promote Adana gay dating catch phrase.

If some of you out there have attempted runnig a dating site for specific communities, ‘the advancing and luring people in’ part may be somewhat troubling… It’s an accomplishment! So I have begun to do my own particular things! What have we been doing about it? Much the same as I have done in my past blogs, I do a simple seo for the most imperative watchwords around the district.. And that word is: Adana gay dating which means Adana gay sohbet in Turkish

How do we  introduce the project

What do we do to advance the watchword Adana gay dating on the search engines?

We deliver a little bit interesting content to the visitors like, Amateur Adana pictures from various towns  and share them on various platfrroms. Also, in some cases, different kinds of informations like city wide or townd wide known gay friendly places, spots and gathering points are added and will be added more in time…

Other than that I would like to inform you about our social media accounts and the sexiest contents ever 🙂

We are On Tumblr

Yesssss We have a lot of tumblr blogs 🙂

on Tumblr, we have been blogging for so prolonged stretch of time since 2010 or sometime like that or may be more! We love tumblr 🙂 but sadly it was sold to automatic.. So we dont know what’ll happen to all those tumblr pages of ours.

Our photo archive on Tumblr is monstrous 🙂 You can find Adana gay Tumblr pages in the following accounts


https://adanagaysohbet.tumblr.com/ this blog is my first child:)

https://adanatravesti.tumblr.com/ (this tumblr blog is actually made for shemales around arana but it was terminated by telecom 🙂 Bu ı didnt delete the domain name. You wont find any shemales bt you’ll definetly find super sexy men 🙂

https://adanagaysitesi.tumblr.com/ this one had a different name before

What’s more, there are seven distinct websites more on tumblr…

We are on this wordpress as well!

Well… Here in this blog What we endeavor to improve the situation boosting the watchword Adana gay dating is more mind boggling than we did in Istanbul travesti segment… Since in istanbul side there were only one WordPress and couples of Tumblr sites. On Adana gay dating side things are far more mind boggling 🙂 But fundamentally say, this one is the most vital one we made on WordPress 🙂 But there’s a long story of this wordpress blog as well 🙂

We cant ignore twitter and we are there as well

@gaysohbetturk is our twitter account… And it is  a mechanized one by Tumblr. Well, sometimes of course ı twet manually as well…But many of my bests are on tumblr and what I share on tumblr is automatically shared on Twitter.

Did you think I forgot Pinterest or  Blogger? Obviously not!

All these blogs and content sharing on various stages are a piece of search engine optimization work… We are doing manual linkings from appropriate articles also on numerous different sites . Our blogger account is the very main one and optimized to go to top with the key word lgbt arkadaşlık in Turkey general! There you find the best and most useful blogs but they are all in Turkish. Most of the blogs on blogger blog is intented to make a contribution into the minds of Lgbt youth in Turkey. New generation LGBT can find useful info about socail media and entrepreneurship as well

Yes I know ı haven’t included some of the different platfroms but there are so many out there and the work we did with are the ones that are the most popular around..

Thanks a lot for reading